About Paincation

About Paincation
We are Paincation - a little escape from mental pain

Founded in 2022, Paincation is a virtual reality wellbeing company on a mission to end loneliness & isolation for the silent sufferers of chronic illness, so they can take a little escape from their mental pain

Every year, millions of people around the world are diagnosed with a range of life changing physical and mental conditions that mean they have to either stay at home, or just plain avoid going out.

We understand the hellish pit of despair that is loneliness and isolation because of pain, many of our team live with chronic pain, have had it, or work with people that do, so we understand the cycle of how physical pain leads to mental pain.

At Paincation we aim to radically change the way we look at loneliness and isolation caused by the pain cycle, and break it before this insidious beast gets a hold of you.

Paincation brings a little escape from your mental pain.

Our promise to you

We'll help you forget about your pain and get you back to you being you again. We'll protect your data, we won't sell or share it, but we will use it to help you.

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So, pack your virtual bags and let's escape on Paincation!